Got Any Cabbie Stories To Tell?

Cabbie stories, we all have our fair share of these, right? Sure, taking a cab can be expensive but in times of desperation – you’re pressed for time, you don’t know how to get to the place that you’re headed, you don’t have a car, your destination is quite far, you just have too much stuff with you…cabs can be considered a godsend – especially if the cabbie charges you right. If cabbie stories is something that you find interesting, amusing, or at the very least, a bit intriguing, then check out NYCabbie.

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With cabs being an ubiquitous site in New York City, NYCabbie makes for an interesting site, which showcases everyday cabbie life.

Here are some stories that I found interesting:

Anonymous writes:
One day I was driving and I let in this very large woman. The suspension in my cab needed fixing and she weighed down the back enough to cause the muffler to drag. We started down the road to Central Park when this man in the cab in front of us threw out his cigarette. There was a big puddle of gas that had leaked out of my car and the sparks from the cigarette caused a small fire while we were at the red light. The fire crawled up my leak and into my gas well causing the backseat to ignite. And the large woman’s clothes began to catch on fire. She leaped out of the car and into the fountain in the park. I yelled out the window, and said “This ride’s on me!” and pulled away.

Bob from Albuquerque writes:
I had decided to take up taxi driving in Denver. Well, after all the training and check rides, I was ready to go solo. I got my cab and headed out into the world and took the first fare I could. He was a nicely-dressed older man going downtown. We started off and a couple of minutes later, he suddenly started having a seizure of some sort. Talk about getting scared out of your wits on your first fare! Fortunately, the emergency code was fresh in my mind from the training and he was taken to a hospital. Having your first fare start to froth in the mouth was not a good way to start a new career.

-Source: Taxi Stories at

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While the site is named NYCabbie, it’s not really limited to just that city (as you can see based on Bob from Albuquerque’s entry), everyone’s welcome to send in their own favorite cabby story – wherever in the world you may be.

But aside from cabbie stories, NYCabbie has other sections that you might find equally interesting such as Taxi Tips for a worry-free cab experience; Dear Cabby for all your random questions (non cabby-related questions are fine); and for us lomographers, a cool Photography section featuring cabby-related photographs from contributors.

So if you’re wandering aimlessly around the intarwebs and looking for something pass the time…check out NYCabbie…after getting your daily dose of that is!


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