Out to Sea: Sand and Sun at Riviera

Malta’s most popular beach might be Golden Bay, but sitting right next to it is Riviera, it’s less obvious, more alluring sister with tons of potential and well, tons of sand too.

Credits: webo29

Riviera, or Ghajn Tuffieha as it is more widely known with the Maltese, is one of Malta’s most beautiful sandy beaches. You can find it nestled between two other sandy beaches: Gnejna and Golden Bay.

Credits: webo29

To the left of the bay is a flat top promontory which separates it from Gnejna. In between the two beaches, is a massive hill of clay, which unfortunately is set to one day disappear, leaving the rocky promontory out at sea and the two beaches more easily accessible to each other.

Unless you’re on a boat, Riviera can only be reached if you walk down a steep flight of steps or trek down a path in the designated natural park area in the hillside behind. Gaia Foundation, the organisation managing the hillside, has planted indigenous trees in order to prevent erosion and the destruction of natural habitats and of course the bay itself.

The steps leading down to the beach often serve as a deterrent to some visitors, which means that Riviera is usually less crowded than Golden Bay. The beach is prone to strong currents so before venturing into the sea, please make sure that no red flags are up.

Of course, the ultimate moment, is spending sunset here. It’s beautiful and simply unforgettable. But don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself.

All photos from my lomohome. Lots more there, so come visit.

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