The Most Versatile: Lomography CN 400 120

Lomography Color Negative 400 120 works really good in many different situations: sunny, cloudy, outside, inside or night may be. It’s definitely always a great option when you don’t know what to expect in your short future.

I live in Lima, and normally we have cloudy days. That’s why I need a reliable film for my Diana F+ that I can use in a different situations. I think Lomography Color Negative 400 120 is my best option for every time.

This film works amazing in sunny days, like the most of films, but is more difficult when you have a cloudy day or dark situation, inside or night and I used it with my Diana F+ in all of this situations with a great results.

You could have a dreamy result and vignettes in cloudy day:

Indoor or outdoor photos have a good contrasts with flash at night, and you can try it up close or farther (0 to 3 meters).

If you prefer bulb function, it needs a few seconds for a nice picture with your Diana F+:

In sunny days, you could get really nice contrasts and vivid colors.

This is one of my rolls ever present when I use my Diana F+ and one of the most versatile films that I used. It’s for this reason that I think this film is always a good choice. If you are not sure about the lighting conditions you’ll be shooting with, you could try this versatile film. I really recommend it.

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 400 film delivers vibrant colours and superb saturation and contrast. You don’t have to worry while you’re shooting, even under low lighting conditions. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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