JouJou Villeroy AKA Eleonora Carisi Shoots with Her LC-A+


“… capture and arrest those smells, which are the only essence that is missing when you take a photograph, try to retain everything that happens in that moment when your eyes linger and are captured by something to which your heart takes you”.

Name: Eleonora
City: Torino
Country: Italia
Favorite Camera: LC A+

You dress up to be: Poison Ivy

But in reality you are: Pamela Lillian Isley

Once upon a time eleonora…
….I was the highest in the class and i used to watch the world from a different perspective of my other friends who saw me differently; then my friends have grown and my height has always remained the same, and found that there were people like me watching the world from my own perspective.

You are versatile and creative. You have a blog through which you talk about trends, you have a shop that gives space for new designers and you are passionate about photography. Where does all this came from ?
Many times I wondered where all this energy come from, is a force that is born and grows inside you in a natural way without forcing. My study paths were different, I wanted to work as advertising or as a company account, but something happened and now like you said I have a shop since five years, I talk about design, fashion and art and I dedicate myself professionally to photography.

“Digital or analog “is a bit ’like,” Head or Heart “or” New or Vintage”. What do you think?
For me it’s more of a “Vice Versa”. I started with analogic photography, with my first fisheye for my sixteen years, then digital with Nikon and now I have a bag full of rolls of film, photo card, plastic machines and Zeiss objectives. If necessary, i pull out my best weapon. Reflects my being, so multifaceted and maybe even undecided.

Your shots portray amazing cities view from the LC A+ objective with the sensitivity of your eyes. What caught your attention and made ​​you want to take a picture?
Trying to catch and stop these smells, which are the only essence that is missing when you take a photograph, try to retain everything that happens in that moment when your eyes linger and are captured by something that takes you to the your heart. Unattended objects, and left them by someone who you don’t know and don’t know why, objects that have a history, for someone, for some, indelibly written on the walls that have made ​​history and that tell a story. Shadows on ’tarmac of people ready to walk together towards the same light it reflects.

Why did you choose an LC A+ as your travel mate? What did you like watching the shots?
It’s a complete camera, functional and easy to approach, traceable 35mm rolls wherever you are, at the expense of the 120 that are not always accessible, manual focus (I love the blurry photo), which allows me to play with my new eyes and have the view “tarnished” and the possibility of doing overlaps. The blurry black border around the photo is what I prefer, gives a unique charm to the shots.

Among the pictures you’ve taken which is your favorite and why?
Here comes my indecision, hard to choose, I make an exception to the rule and say the dried flowers on the edge of a small fountain in the center of Oslo, to remember the missing children on the ‘island of Utoya and the’ image of the two newlyweds in ceramic with her leaning against his shoulder.

What is the thing in front of you right now to which you will take a picture?
A true moment of “being Italian”… men watching football on a Sunday night.

If you could add an eleventh rule to the already 10 Golden Lomography’s roules , which would you choose?
Don’t have rules.

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    She did a really good job explaining how to capture special moments

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