LomoAmigo Update – New Lubitel 166+ Shots From Bauchklang


We’ve got some great new photos to show you from our amazing beat boxing LomoAmigos Bauchklang – The band have been touring hard but took the time to take some stunning shots with the Lubitel whilst on the road. Check them out!

Bauchklang (‘Good Tone’) combine crazy beat boxing skills to create funky hip hop, drum and bass, ethno and folk sounds just through the power of their voices – It’s been a while since we last heard from the band but it was well worth the wait when we received these awesome Lubitel 166+ shots from their recent tour…

And now it’s black and white time….

For those not familiar with Bauchklang, take a look of this wicked video of the band performing live in Mumbai – Who needs instruments when you make music this cool just with vocals!

Read our previous LomoAmigo Interview with Bauchklang

Check out the Bauchklang website

The Lubitel 166+ is a loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic. Based on a design that dates back over 60 years, this camera is updated with new features like the ability to shoot both 120 and 35mm film. Shoot mind-blowing images with the Lubitel 166+, available in our Online Shop.

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  1. lilo
    lilo ·

    Love the shots live on stage! Great article!

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