Out to Sea through the Inland Sea

Out and about in Gozo? Looking for that unique place to visit? Well what about a cave in a cliff face which leads out into the open sea? Sounds pretty unique right? Well it is! Welcome to Gozo’s Inland Sea!

The Inland Sea is an inland lagoon in Dwejra, Gozo. It is one of the island’s spectacular natural landmarks, another one is the Azure Window, which is literally (excuse the pun), a stone’s throw away!

The Azure Window

The inland lagoon is shallow, so much so, that you can easily see the pebbles at the bottom. It is linked to the open sea through an approximately 100 metre passage of adjoining caves accessed through the cliff. On most days, you can take a small boat carry through this tunnel, in order to take a closer look at Fungus Rock and the Azure Window.

Fungus Rock

The lagoon is a popular bathing location and as expected, also a well-known diving spot. Along the way, as you walk down, there’s always something interesting to point your camera at, be it a fishing boat or a vintage bus.

The Inland Sea is one of those locations definitely worth visiting when in Gozo as it is truly quite unique.

All photos from my lomohome. Come visit.

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