Falling for Fall: Lomo Weekend in Scotland

My sister used to talk about Scotland quite a lot in the last few months: how she enjoyed her time spent there when she was a student and how beautiful and romantic the country is. So we went there and had a wonderful time.

I think that with such a “campaign”, no one needs to be forced to go there with my sister and a few other friends for a weekend trip, especially when she was the one who paid for almost all our expenses. Well, I am blessed to have such a generous and good sister and as was proved in Scotland with a good nose for lomo locations.

The best way to see all the beauties is to rent a car or take a coach. We came to Edinburgh from London on a Saturday and then on Sunday, we arranged a one-day tour provided by Timberbush, a company with the best driver and guide, in one person. This one-day trip took us through almost the whole of Scotland, so we had a chance to see and admire all the beauties: highlands, shores, the sea, and lakes. And of course Billy, our driver, also knew where we could taste some whiskey for free.

The weather, as you may see on the photos, was not really as one would imagine of “the typical Scottish weather”.

Then, we spent the next day in Edinburgh, visiting the castle, Arthur’s seat, Museum of Whiskey, Botanic garden, some galleries, and many, many beautiful streets. It was a very busy day so at the end of it we were very happy to sit down and have a perfect dinner in our hotel restaurant.

Honestly, if you love the colours of nature as much as I do, Scotland is the best treat for your eyes. As Billy, our guide and bus driver in one, said: “Scotland is a country you always return to.” And he was right. I am planning to go there again as soon as possible because I really fell in love with the beautiful countryside providing all the shades of the green colour and I am sure that adding a bit more of autumn’s yellow and red will be even more beautiful. I really can’t wait to come back.

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