My LomoBoyfriend

I open the bag, pull out a Lomgraphic camera, and he’s by my side frowning. I take the picture, look at him, he stares at me, and asks: Did you really take a picture of that? They’re there, usually quiet, always patient, always posing for us, always listening to us. That’s how our lomopartners are!

Credits: isabel_mebarak

He is Raül.

Yes, you are seeing fine, he has a Canon 350D in his hands, but don’t let that fool you: he doesn’t understand photography, or even less my obsession. If you ask him what he thinks about Lomography he’ll say, without thinking twice, that it’s a waste of money, having digital cameras available. But, on the other hand, he didn’t think twice before giving me a beautiful Fisheye 2 White Edition for my birthday (you can read the story in Spanish here. Or pose for me during hours for my lomographs, like this one here:

Credits: isabel_mebarak

Or taking all my negatives and surprising me by getting me prints of everything. Or even, take my negatives to be processed despite being a lot and one of every kind.

Or going to the opening of a Lomography exhibition that was too far for me and where one of my photos was being displayed (you can read the story, again in Spanish, here).

Or asking me about every camera to later take pictures of me with each and every one of them…

Credits: isabel_mebarak

Or giving me ideas for photos he comes up with….

Credits: isabel_mebarak

Not to mention the questions he asks me about the cameras, the reason why I like them, what they do, and news from Lomography.

Oh, but I had forgotten about the most important thing… I am from Cadiz. As many of you know, there is no lomo-specialized store here and very few labs. He is from Barcelona, with its Lomography store and many labs. That is why it’s even more important than everything I mentioned before. Every time we meet, we have to seize the opportunity and there are always lomo-photos of those moments.

Credits: isabel_mebarak

Even if you don’t believe it, I have a lot of analogue pictures of him, but I have uploaded very few because he doesn’t like having pictures of him on the internet, but he always lets me upload one or two (or I upload them without asking, hehe).

But no matter how much he says about photography, he always makes me carry the cameras in my bag when we go for a walk, he calls them by their name and he asks me for them when he comes up with a picture.

Credits: isabel_mebarak

Neither Lomography or photography would be as fun without him as my model.

Credits: isabel_mebarak

My lomofriend atria007 wrote an article about her lomopartner just when I was planning mine! You can read hers (in Spanish).

And I take the last thing she says being absolutely right… article about lomopets and lomofriends…and what about our partners?

I leave my contribution here!

Credits: isabel_mebarak

Raül, thank you for tolerating my endless conversations about Lomography, for tolerating my photo-harassment, for approaching and using them on your own, for doing all of this, and more, always with a smile and making it very fun with me…to you, a thousand kisses! T’estimo! (I love you!)

written by isabel_mebarak on 2011-09-22 #lifestyle #man #couple #boyfriend #guy #lomography #partner #analogue-lifestyle #lomopeople
translated by etxenike

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