The Solar Taxi’s Trip Around the World

Louis Palmer had a childhood dream of driving around the world. He was able to fulfil his dream of traveling on the road through 5 continents – in a solar taxi! Read more about his story.

Solar Taxi at United Nations in Vienna image via Solar Taxi

The solar taxi started as a dream for Louis Palmer. He was 14 years old when he decided that he wanted to travel around the world in a car. However, his dream didn’t stop there. He also wanted to do it in an environmental friendly manner wherein the vehicle he would ride didn’t emit gasses that would contribute to global warming. That’s where the idea of the solar taxi came from.

Solar Taxi at Kapadokia, Turkey image via Solar Taxi

The blue and white taxi is powered with battery cells that get charged with solar energy. On a full charge, the solar taxi can travel for 300km at 55 mph. This is pretty impressive for a solar powered taxi! The solar taxi was built with the help of many people and passed a test drive in 2006.

Solar Taxi Team with Prince Hassan and Princess Summaya Amman, Jordan image via Solar Taxi

Louis Palmer started the journey around the world from Lucerne back in 2007. In this journey, he was able to visit 38 countries in 17 months — an astounding 32,000-mile trip! And it was done without using petrol. Although the solar taxi was a bit cramped and had space for only one passenger, Louis Palmer was able to pick up people along the way to let them experience riding the solar taxi. Some of the passengers were film director James Cameron, Prince Albert of Monaco, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg among others.

Louis Palmer with Bai Ki Moon image via Solar Taxi

Knowing that all this is possible, we might be able to travel in solar powered taxis in the future!

Solar Taxi in China image via Solar Taxi

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