Fujicolor C200


I was curious about the results that Fujicolor C200 would produce every time I had my films developed. They were arranged in a clean shelf in a pyramid pattern. So we decided to try and use this film. C200? Albeit it emphasizes 200 ISO.

This film is (maybe) the successor of Fujicolor 100 — which has come to be my favorite film — but it grands out a 200 ISO, giving a much clearer photo and a higher density of light sensitivity. After loading the Fujicolor C200 in a UWS Fat Lens, I clicked the shutter button at just everything I see, just to test for what this newly found film would look like. Honest opinion here, the C200 has fine grains — I can enormously see them in some underexposed photos. The film gives out practically perfect toned colors. For art’s sake, this film seems to be a little saturated and can be compared to Fuji Astia 100 — when developed in E6.

It’s nice to know that Fujicolor C200 has a four-layer film; fluorescent lamps do not cast off that much cyan images when shooting indoors. Probably, if compared with Fuji Superia 200, this film can bring out some negative feedback, but to people who find “art” out of perfection, this film can be their best call.

In my opinion, I love using this film. It’s a much more advanced film versus the Fujicolor 100. It has a higher ISO sensitivity for more fun during golden hours and indoors. I will try to use this film in my SLR for a more complete speculation about the film. But for now, enjoy the shots from a Fujicolor C200 film.

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  1. kathleenmendoza
    kathleenmendoza ·

    Will definitely give this film a try! P.S. Do you know where I can buy one in Manila? Thanks!

  2. raymond-lo
    raymond-lo ·


    :) I just developed this film (expired on Nov 2010) but the results seem to be very acceptable. I slightly overexpose it if possible and it has such a great latitude, i.e., hard to over expose! I don't know about these negative feedbacks but I think people are just too picky or not too sure how to handle the uniqueness of individual films. What's perfect when it comes to photography!? I didn't touch my 5D Mark III just because it got me perfect controls, but do I need it everyday? not really!

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