Pompidou: Into Modern Art While in Paris


The “Centre Pompidou” at the heart of Paris, takes its visitors into an immersion within the world of modern art. The mix between the interior experiences given by the excellent artwork displayed and the beautiful exterior composed by the Pompidou building and surroundings yields a perfect location to be discovered.

The “Centre Georges Pompidou” (Pompidou Centre in English) is one of the definite must-see museums in Paris. Its name originates from the French President Georges Pompidou (1969 to 1974) who decided on its creation. The building is quite modern and extremely colorful and in fact, its unique style is either loved or hated by the Parisians.

Located in the Marais (4eme arrondissement), one can get there by public transport or you can just find your way by Metro towards Rambuteau or Hôtel de Ville or Châtelet or by RER towards Châtelet – Les Halles.

The museum holds a permanent exhibition (which changes approximately every year) and several temporary exhibitions (throughout the year) focused on specific artists or theme. Over the last three years, the Pompidou has granted its visitors the opportunity to enter the realm of amazing artists such as Calder, Kandinsky, Lucian Freud, Soulages, and Mondrian (…been there, done that, got a mug to prove it).

To access the exhibitions, visitors must travel through what seems to be a glass tunnel, from there they will be delighted by an amazing view of Paris.

My last trip into the Pompidou was to see the exhibit PARIS-DELHI-BOMBAY, which led me into a trip throughout India.

Outside Pompidou there is also a great area to be explored and enjoyed. Right in front of the museum, in the Place Georges Pompidou, it is possible to be entertained by street performers. An asteroid field of curious visitors passing by can easily form around them.

Nearby Pompidou, on the Place Stravinsky, there is “Fontaine des automates”, which features sixteen whimsical moving and water-spraying sculptures by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint-Phalle, which represent themes and works by composer Igor Stravinsky.

This square is also the perfect place to have a break, just by sitting outside next to the fountain or in one of the nice cafes or restaurants around. Here, looking slightly up, one can view an amazing painting in one of the buildings.

Shhhh… don’t tell anyone… I’ve got an arrow in my eye.

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  1. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    I remembered that there was a big furor when this opened. People wanted to know what the hell it was. I visited it in 1979. Had a great time ex-ploring all the tubes though I couldn't get in on the exhibit of the time, a Salvador Dali retrospective whose tickets were all sold out.

  2. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    great photos, I took a lot around it when we were there in August, though I forgot to take one on the escalator, diaster :) I loved the modern art museum the most, it was amazing.

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