Fuji Pro 400H, 120mm: Fidelity and Realism


I will never forget the first analogue film I used. The Diana+ had just arrived and I wanted to shoot with a film that guaranteed quality and lifelike results. Back then I knew nothing about Lomography, cross-processing, multiple exposures or anything experimental. I was just looking for realism. The chosen film was Fuji Pro 400H.

Results were better than expected. I never imagined the excellent behavior of the film in not so favorable lighting conditions. Colors were captured accurately, as well as shadows and textures. Undoubtedly it’s a film I would highly recommend when you’re looking for nature, realism, fidelity, and very fine grain.

Its price also makes it very attractive (about 8 €), taking into account an almost 100% guaranteed success. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the films I recommend. If you don’t want saturated colors or unpredictable results, do use it. You won’t regret. Besides, the fact that it reproduces colors faithfully doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with it, as you can always make multiple exposures with natural colors, what makes them very interesting too. This Fuji type is on the reference film list, due to its amazing neutral gray exposure.

Next, I show some of these images from my first analogue film, with the Diana+ 120mm and this excellent film:

Some time later I used this film for pinhole photography, and I loved the results. We can appreciate others results of this film (much better than mine) on other cameras like Lubitel 166+ made by user singleelderly

I will never get tired of using it again and again: if you’re looking for realism, color fidelity and an excellent behavior even in low light conditions, this is your film.

The Fuji Pro 400H 120 is one of the finest 120 colour films out there. You get the extra speed of 400 ISO while maintaining excellent fine-grain and banging colours of a slower film. See the whole range of colour negatives in our Shop.

written by jesushp on 2011-09-20 #gear #review #color #colour #400iso #120mm #lomo #lomography #fuji #diana #user-review
translated by etxenike

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