Film Class Update

Film Class is doing fine! And it’s doing fine, because of your participation.

There are already more than 200 reviews online. More than 120 different film types are listed. So far about 100 different users participated in this ever-growing film database. You will be able to find reviews on infrared films, expired films, branded films and less well know films.

In our film class you can compare reviews, write comments, ask the authors for tips and add your own review. Each week we are adding films to our list and since a few months back we are giving out the coveted film-review-of-the-week-award. There is a feeling of excitement here :-)

Don’t wait up! Tell us about your emulsion-experiences. But before you do – here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind:

Basic guidelines: Minimum 100 words, at least 10 photos! Please understand: this is essential! Reviews that don’t fit with these guidelines will not be published.

Tell us something new! Found a new film, a new brand, a new combination of film/camera/chemistry? Please tell us! Your reviews on already known and commented films are also very welcome but please notice: If you write a review on a film that has already been reviewed more then 3 times you may find that your review does not come online immediately. New films have an advantage :)

Give us the full information! If you like to add a brand new film, please add all the needed information such as brand, type and format in the short description.

Everybody is welcome! The variety of this section depends on the number of active users. Every review is welcome. A new film expert will get preference treatment! So if you have already published a few reviews then you may need to wait a little bit longer before your next review finds itself online.

Something went wrong? You wrote according to the guidelines, submitted an amazing review and then…. nothing? Please drop me a line: and I will help you, but please don’t upload reviews twice – this will not get your review online faster!

Thanks for all your participation, keep up the good work!

written by d_i_d on 2009-02-18 #news #film-class #guidelines #award #reviews

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