Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 18: The Lomographers say: ”The Fisheye, the flash and Freddie Mercury – can you ask for more?”

Creative individuals talk about their love for Lomography and of course, the Fisheye!

Chanin Chier
22, currently unemployed
Bangkok, Thailand

Doodee / unemployed / seeking vividly coloured subjects to shoot at / =!=

Favorite Fisheye feature: It has a built-in flash, so I can shoot 24/7 – even when I’m really drunk.
Expert technique: Turn on the flash, go to the darkest area and then BANG – let the light from the flash strike and blur your eyes. Very funny feelings come after that.
What the hell is Lomography? My favourite toy which I’ll play with for all of my life.
Message: Always check the flash batteries.

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