Diana Instant Back+: Instant Gratification at the Push of a Button (or almost)


Just last week I received my Diana F+ El Toro and the Diana Instant Back +. I’ve already been through a pack of Fuji Instax. Admittedly, the results have been varied and basically what that means is that about half the pack turned out pitch black. But I guess that’s just me getting familiar.

Thanks to the 20% discount on all Diana Accessories plus my invaluable piggies, last Friday I managed to acquire the Diana F+ El Toro, the Diana Instant Back +, the Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens, and the Diana + Splitzer. The latter can only be attached to the lens which comes with the camera so for the moment it had to be set aside.

With the Instant Back and the 110mm lens the El Toro turns out quite bulky and flashy, but it’s cool because let’s face it, with two large horns on a bright red background, no one who owns an El Toro is really after anything subtle… But anyway.

The Diana Instant Back + takes 2 CR2 batteries which cost 6.65 euro each (from Malta that is). After I acquired said batteries I literally hopped on a bus headed towards Golden Bay to shoot the sunset to my heart’s content. Obviously, the bus was late so I barely managed any daylight.

I set my first shot to B mode because of the waning sunlight, but as you can see, the shot is completely overexposed.

Another thing that’s worth pointing out here, is that the Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens is no joke and that it does bring things up close and personal. So much so, that I found myself moving away from subjects rather than closer as is usually the case. But that’s pretty awesome I must admit.

When I walked down to the beach I tried to make the most of the last rays of sun and tried to capture the last moments of sunshine. It did not work. The instant came out pitch black (and for that reason I am not uploading the shot because it is quite an embarrassment).

My first two shots turned out to be a bit of a let down, but first thing Saturday morning, I bravely took the camera out on the balcony and shot this photo. I think it turned out quite well.

In the evening I took the camera along to a pool party I was invited to. My friends loved it. The results which came out, again, quite varied. I got some very dark shots and some more pitch black ones at which point I turned on the flash and set to B mode and it turned out okay, apart from what appear to be some constant light leaks at precisely the same place. I’m not sure whether I should be worried about these yet, but at this point I’m just enjoying experimenting and getting familiar with the latest, but surely not the last, member of the family.

All photos belong to my lomohome. Come visit.

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  1. mina24
    mina24 ·

    Hi webo29, I have the same issue with my photos, the light leaks always on the same place too. Bit annoying...wondering if anyone knows how to avoid that? Cheers.

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