Out to Sea: Ramla Bay


If you’re on the island of Gozo, looking for a sandy beach to lay back and relax, sunbathe, swim or take a walk hand in hand, then Ramla Bay is the place for you! Writing for Telegraph Travel, Matthew Teller qualified the Bay, Gozo’s longest beach, as one of the world’s best, and if you ask me, it’s not difficult to understand why.

The Bay is located at the bottom of a valley on the northern side of Gozo. The beach itself is wide and sandy and the golden reddish sand, unique and different from all other beaches in Gozo and Malta, gave the bay its name. Ramla il-Hamra as the beach is referred to by the Gozitans and Maltese actually means Red Sandy Beach.

The area around the beach is also interesting. Mostly because it is rich in historical treasures. It is said that Roman remains lie beneath the sand and that Calypso Cave which overlooks the Western side of the beach is actually the one referred to in Homer’s The Odyssey.

In summer, Ramla Bay is definitely a place to stop for a few hours to swim and soak up the sun but don’t expect to be there alone. In winter, on the other hand, expect very much the opposite. The beach will be deserted except for a lonely couple here and there breathing in the fresh air and wishing time stood still.

All pictures from my lomohome.

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    Gozo, my favourite holiday destination so far

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