Cobbled Roads of Bombay with My Holga 135

Walking in the southern part of Bombay is a delight. And when matched with my new book on Gothic Architecture, it was just like walking through a museum.

I had nothing to do on a lazy Sunday morning so I decided to go for a walk in South Bombay with my Holga. I hadn’t used the camera for a long while and it was in Delhi just lying around so it was time to take it out.

Bombay (Mumbai to all the new people, I like the old name Bombay) has always been a trading town. First, the Portuguese and then the British established their trading posts here and south Bombay is the living proof of those times.

Most of the areas in South Bombay had been designed and constructed by the British architects. This clearly shows in the “high fashion” 19th century designs and Gothic influence on the buildings. The buildings which were not made by the British are all made by rich traders of those times who wanted residences or offices in that area.

The Holga 135BC will veil your images in mystery. “BC” stands for “Black Corner”, as this camera creates a shadowy vignette in corners of your photos. See this mysterious beauty in our Shop!

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