Falling for Fall: The Azure Window

What’s more romantic than gazing peacefully at one of nature’s most beautiful wonders whilst simultaneously leaving all your troubles behind? Few things. Then read on, and next time you visit Gozo, don’t forget to take your boyfriend or girlfriend here, squeeze his or her hand and tell him or her, that if you could, you’d put the window in a box and put it under the tree for Christmas.

The Azure Window is the Maltese Islands’ most striking natural wonder. It was created thousands of years ago when two limestone caves collapsed. Today, it makes a beautiful backdrop for many a tourist picture but not only. The window has also been featured in films such as The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) for example.

You have to admit it’s pretty breathtaking, and who would not want to make his or her partner gasp at the sight of such an imposing natural structure? For the more adventurous, the area around the Azure Window is also a popular diving site, so why not give that a go too? Hold hands underwater whilst admiring the crystal clear waters and fishes floundering past. It’s not too cold in autumn and that’s what wetsuits are there for anyway ’no?

So what’s keeping you? I wouldn’t delay it if I were you because the more time passes, the less window there actually is. A significant portion of the flat underside has broken away and it won’t be long before the arch has completely crumbled away and the Azure Window is nothing more than a lonely rock just off the shore.

Don’t miss out on this spectacular natural landmark, the giant doorway won’t be there forever and once it’s gone, you want to be one of those who remember watching the sun set through it with a loved one, rather than one of those who never got to see it.

All images from my lomohome.

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