Sleep Close to Sea: Migo B&B in Taiwan


If you wish to sleep listening to the lullaby of sea waves, Migo B&B can fulfill your dream. It claims to be the B&B closest to the sea in Taiwan. It also seems that the waves will hit you anytime!

Credits: sebastiansiu

It has always been my dream to live close to the sea. Although I can’t afford such a place in my hometown, Hong Kong, my dream did come true for a night when I stayed in Migo B&B, located in Hualien, Taiwan. The greatest thing is that the price is affordable as the cheapest one is around US$50!

Credits: sebastiansiu

There is a balcony for every room. If you stand on the balcony, you will even believe the sea waves will hit at any moment.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Of course, it is safe as there are piles of rocks right in front of the building which help to protect both the building and your lives.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Unlike the expensive, luxurious resorts, it not only gives you a spectacular sea view but also home-like comfort.

If you find the sea not enough, there is an abandoned house next to the B&B. It is in my view, an ideal place for Lomography shooting!

Credits: sebastiansiu

So, if you visit Hualien next time, I suggest that you stay in Migo B&B, at least for one night.

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  1. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    Awesome! Next time must stay there!

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