DIY Color Filters for Fisheye Built-In Flash


Excited to do colored MX portrait shots with your Fisheye No. 2 but low on funds for that funky Colorsplash flash? Don’t fret! There’s always a way! Grab a pair of scissors, a couple of uninflated balloons and/or colored cloths, and a roll of tape… and get ready!

If you’ve been wanting to try those MX portrait shots with different colors but you don’t have enough funds for that funky colorsplash yet you have a built-in flash in your arsenal, then here’s a quick and easy way to utilize that flash to get multiple colors in your MX portrait shots.

Credits: feelux

To get colors like these you’ll need the following materials:

An uninflated balloon or colored cloths, a pair of scissors, and a roll of tape.

Step 1: Cut a part of the balloon, its height should match the flash’s height to be accurate.
Step 2: Spread it, put a small piece of tape on each side of the balloon cut-out
Step 3: Place it over the Fisheye flash (as seen in the photo below)

Tadaaa! A simple yet effective flash filter for your flash.

Here are some sample photos:

Credits: feelux

Alternative: Put your colored cloth over the flash, then flash away!
Use a different color for each exposure for better results (in case you haven’t tried).

Credits: feelux

Enjoy! :) Lomo on!

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  1. hgodward
    hgodward ·

    I use quality street wrappers, they work just as well and iv always got tonns left over after christmas.

  2. feelux
    feelux ·

    Niiiice! Good to know :) Yeah, i think any translucent materials would do. But I only had these at the time that I made this tipster, so yeah. Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. izzzart
    izzzart ·

    The best articles and knowledge given to me .. thank you:)

  4. feelux
    feelux ·

    Aww hahaha thank you! @izzzart :)

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