Toy Art Gallery Opens New Gallery Showroom in Melrose

Toy Art Gallery has just opened it’s retail showroom in Hollywood, California and kicks off with Emilio Garcia’s custom vinyl group show called “Brain Evolution”. Read more after the jump.

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Toy Art Gallery produces, collects, displays, and sells high-end art toys and sculptures. They also showcase original works by some of the leading artists and toy designers all over the world. These range from original custom toys, rare collectibles, to life-sized figures. They also sell art prints and other fine artworks.

Its new gallery space is located in Melrose, Hollywood, California and opens up hosting “Brain Evolution” Jumping Brain custom group show by Emilio Garcia. It features the artist’s signature Jumping Brain figure in different forms and mediums customized by a selected number of artists from all over the world.

Here’s a preview of the Brain Evolution Jumping Brains:

Images from ToyArtGallery

Aside from Brain Evolution, other exclusive releases were up on display and for sale on a first come, first serve basis. So if you’re into collectibles, go ahead and check the gallery out.

For more info, visit ToyArtGallery.

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