Ryan Tatar's Campfires and Ukuleles


LomoAmigo Ryan Tatar, surfer and film photographer from California, is here to take us to the amazing paradise of Hawaii with his new project, Campfires and Ukuleles. See his utopian cross-processed shots and blissful instant photographs after the break.

image © Ryan Tatar

“This is part of a new project I’m working on. It’s called Campfires & Ukuleles, a photo project shot entirely on film. I used a Nikon F series, a Lomo LC-A+, and a Polaroid Land Camera for these. It is shot on a series of surf sojourns in the islands of Hawai’i.

images © Ryan Tatar

I think they convey feelings of an older Hawaii — one that isn’t plush hotels and room service. That can be nice… but this is about connecting with the land and finding a VW Vanagon camper, exploring the nooks and crannies of the islands for surf, eating from roadside fruit stands, listening to jazz under the stars, and not knowing when you will return."

images © Ryan Tatar

Special thanks to Ryan for sharing these to the Lomographic community! Read Ryan Tatar's LomoAmigo feature.

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  1. thelonghaulproject
    thelonghaulproject ·

    Wow, love the colors! So beautifully saturated. And so different than the tourist's view of Hawaii that you normally see depicted.

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