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Credits: bccbarbosa

A petition to produce a fast disappearing film, debates and curious arguments on what constitutes digital manipulation, and other thoughts pepper our most popular User Blog entries for the past week. Which one caught your fancy? Let us know in the comments but make sure to make a User Blog of your own as well!

Credits: jennson

LOMO! Please produce some similar looking Kodak Aerochrome EIR! Petition. by lighttomysoul,

Una Doble felicidad!!! by javihacefotos,

Credits: mephisto19

Paper Artist - Linus & the Feel Good Factory by mephisto19,

Credits: awesomesther

QUESTION : What constitute “digitally enhanced”== photos????":/homes/awesomesther/blog/8196-question-what-constitute-digitally-enhanced-photos by "awesomesther==":/homes/awesomesther,

Please help! by zoezo,

Credits: blancarleal

¿ERES TÚ? by blancarleal,

Credits: peteparker

PROJECT PARADISE - the wait is over. by peteparker,

Credits: analogmonolog

My MerdekaRaya by analogmonolog,

Pfffff... by barakalofi,

Credits: neja

Lomo Rally update by neja,

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