Vintage Camera Ads Part II: The Single Lens Reflex Cameras


In the first set of vintage camera ads, we showed you a hodgepodge of analogue goodies featured in magazines, posters, and other print materials. Now, we’re putting Single Lens Reflex cameras on the spotlight in this next set of vintage camera ads!

A colorful and eye-catching Contax RTS advertisement. Photo via

We know and regard our analog cameras today as many things: treasures, story-tellers, memory keepers, and travel companions, just to name a few. But back in their heydays, many of these analog goodies had major roles in the fields of photojournalism, news making, and advertising. Who are they? Why of course, the Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras!

Through the years, SLR cameras have been the partners of many artists, photographers, photojournalists, and creative minds. They let the photographers see exactly what will be captured on film and can use a number of different lenses to suit certain shooting requirements, making them formidable pieces of equipment for almost any imaging needs.

How would you like a camera that doesn’t only convince you to buy it, but also “talks you into taking great pictures?” Photo via

Usually, it’s the photographer who picks the perfect analogue partner; but perhaps there were also instances when it was the camera that called out to a potential human partner to work with for the rest of its lifetime. The proof lies in many beautiful vintage camera advertisements, whose photos and artworks of stunning analogue cameras definitely still have that convincing power intact! Let’s take a look at some more and see if any of the featured SLR cameras can charm you into putting them on your wishlist!

Photos via

Personally, I find these ads fascinating not only for being deliciously vintage, but also because they try to tell you everything you need and want to know in one page. Kind of makes you wonder why camera makers don’t make ads this way anymore, don’t they?

So, did any of the cameras call out to you? Tell us what you think through the comments below!

Also, check out Vintage Camera Ads (Part I) if you haven’t read it yet!

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