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One of Lomography’s superstars, Mijonju, together with his friend, Cameron Lew, are the brainchildren of Shutterlog: a video channel which makes us, analogue shutterheads, appreciate the musical aspect of our photographic babies — created by our very own camera clicks and snaps!

How did Shutterlog begin?
Shutterlog is an evolution from this video by a friend, Cameron Lew. I messaged him about my collection of cameras and that I would like to provide the shutter sounds from my cameras to make “shutter beats” instead of “camera beats.” Then, it evolved again into this video, from The Mijonju Show.

After that, I had an Idea: why not let everyone participate in the shutter project themselves? So, I started a new channel called Shutterlog. (This term was sparked by my friend, John’s Tokyo Camera Style.)

Shutterlog actually came from the words “shutter and catalog” — a catalog of shutter sounds to make beats! Since I have a camera loving group of people watching my channel, The Mijonju Show, — getting 100+ people to help out wasn’t too difficult. After some gathering and editing, Shutterlog finally reached 100 submissions from others.

How does Shuttlerlog work?
Submissions are accepted either via emails ( or the users may upload their videos and/or post video responses to any existing videos on Shutterlog's YouTube. They have a maximum of 30 seconds to do whatever they want in front of their camera — just as long as it ends with a shutter snap/click. Basically, the elements needed in the video are the following:

  • Display name
  • Camera
  • Video with shutter sound

It’s like their little space on YouTube: they can promote their art work, their photography, their cameras, or anything, you can even scream, relieve your stress, or even do a marriage proposal — just as long as you create a shutter click at the end. BE CREATIVE! :)

Who are the people behind Shutterlog?
Cameron Lew and myself, Mijonju.

My work on Shutterlog is pure labor: I edit the layout of each video, I put everyone’s video in between the logo, add the description tags, and all sorts of settings for uploading (and also, obviously, the reviewing before uploading).

Cameron Lew is the artist who owns *Shutterlog*’s channel. Every time Shutterlog reaches 100 submissions, he uses his talent to make an amazing remix of everyone’s shutter videos.

What is the reason for this project?
There is no specific reason to it — we’re just having fun making it and everyone enjoys watching it, too.

Has there been any problem during the creation of Shutterlog?
There wasn’t much of a problem during the creation of Shutterlog. However, we’re currently experiencing technical glitches. For example, since it’s called “shutterlog,” there are some videos with really bad sound quality since some where taken in a noisy environment. They do have nice cameras to show, but its too noisy to get the clicking sound that’s why they don’t qualify as “shutterlog.”

Format-wise, some types such as WMV are quite hard to encode into the video — sometimes the files are corrupted.

Also, there’s nudity. This one is rare/creative but I got 3 videos already. They were probably from the same guy. He didn’t show his face but he sent us a video of him clicking the shutter with his wiener. I didn’t watch the whole thing, so I wasn’t sure if he succeeded. All of the 3 videos were deleted within 2 seconds of reviewing.

Apart from these, there aren’t any more problems.

Have you thought of exclusively featuring your Lomographic cameras?
Yes, I actually have an idea of Lomographic cameras. Wouldn’t it be cool if there is an 8-camera series from Lomography based on the 8 tones do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do (obviously each camera named by its sound)?

But the question is: how? A sound would be produced, not digitally, but maybe more like a wind-up music box but it could only produce 1 unique sound as the shutter is clicked — that would be getting a group of 8 friends to form a musical photowalk. Just a little idea!

And now, shutterheads! Here is Shutterlog’s very first remix! ENJOY and join the shutter cult, too!

Special thanks to Mijonju Jones for sharing this awesome project to the Lomographic community! Click on!

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  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    Looooooooooooooooooove it! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadly!

  2. welland
    welland ·

    Haha I think I like it! Strange but good!

  3. norya
    norya ·

    well done mijonju!!!!!!

  4. jourdanlynch
    jourdanlynch ·

    Yey im on this! :)
    Shutterlog 105!

  5. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Ahahaha, love the remix!

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    rancliffhasenza ·

    just posted my video :)

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  9. nishichauhan
    nishichauhan ·

    I am doing this tonight!

  10. edwinchau
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    should this be included too?

    Shutterlog 61 - La sardina "marathon"

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  13. feelux
    feelux ·

    Awesome, might join this when time permits :D

  14. mijonju
    mijonju ·

    Thanks for all the support guys :) keep them coming! I will add at least one a day, busy lately but I can see how fun this can slowly be!

  15. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    ShutterLog = love.
    I'm #31 - Polaroid SX70 and #74 - Mamiya C220 TLR. yay :D

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    I did one :)

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    Well done!

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    Yeah! I got picked :)

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