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Shoot All Skaters is a segment on skateboarding website, The Berrics. It features the work and stories of filmers and photographers behind skateboarding.

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As a kid, I used to look at my brothers’ skate magazines and posters and say to myself “Wow! I wanna be able to do cool stuff like that!” Even now, I still browse and get psyched on pictures and videos of my favorite skaters. But behind every great skate photograph and video part is the photographer and filmer. They are the ones responsible for documenting every trials and triumphs of a skater. Without them, who’s to say that a skater was successfully able to do a trick on a ramp, a big rail, or over a huge set of stairs?

Images from The Berrics

*The Berrics* is a private indoor skate park which also operates a website, owned and operated by professional skateboarders Steve Berra and Eric Koston. The name of the site is a combination of their names. It’s also a pun of the word “barracks” which also works well since the park is an indoor training facility. The site’s content is mostly filmed inside the park. One of the rules they enforce is that if you’re going to skate at the park, you have to be filmed. Thus, the phrase Shoot All Skaters.

Images from The Berrics

The skateboarding culture is huge and has its own form. Its aesthetics alone has influenced a lot including music, fashion, art, film, photography, and other media. Shoot All Skaters focuses more on the people who work side by side with skaters — capturing every attempt, failure, and success. These people helped shape the world of skateboarding and its evolution. Without these people, there would be no available skate media in the world. They deserve as much attention as the skaters they film.

The segment has already featured several skate photographers and filmers such as Yoon Sul, Mike Blabac, J.Grant Brittain, Socrates Leal, and most recently, Vernon Laird — and these are just to name a few. There are tons of other filmers and photographers yet to be showcased so be sure to check the site frequently if you’re into skateboarding.

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