William Eggleston in Black and White


William Eggleston is known for being the first photographer to hold an exhibition for color photography. Here, you will see some of William Eggleston’s earliest work – in black and white.

William Eggleston Self Portrait image © William Eggleston via ArtNet

Some of William Eggleston’s early works were found in a box. These slides were that of his photos during the 1950s, when he started to take pictures of everyday things that he saw in Memphis. William Eggleston is famous for being the pioneer in having exhibitions containing colored photos. However, in these old slides, his works are in black and white. This allows us a glimpse of his beginnings as a photographer.

image © William Eggleston via Fabian

He began to have a fascination for everything around him and this is where his love for photography began. William Eggleston was the one who developed these prints in his very own darkroom. All these prints have been scanned and are now included in a book — _Before Color: William Eggleston_.

image © William Eggleston via Guardian

It’s interesting to see these photographs, since they are so powerful, even without the Egglestonian color. These photos show that photo geniuses like William Eggleston start out experimenting before their visions can be realized.

images © William Eggleston via Feature Shoot and The Guardian UK

In the 1960s, William Eggleston discovered the color film and was immediately fascinated with it. It was then that he stopped using black and white film and continued his passion for photography using color film. Though what we see here is far from the photos that he shoots today, we still see talent and skill that he has when it comes to photography.

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