Five Amazing Exhibits at the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris


There is still one week left for a full immersion to five amazing exhibitions being held at the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris. Even if you can’t make it physically, check out this article to sense the soul of these exhibits.

Presently at the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, there are five amazing exhibits that are worthwhile for an afternoon program. A different thematic is covered in each exhibit providing us a great opportunity to open our horizons towards distinctive ways of approaching special subjects. Let me lead you into what will be an amazing journey.

The L’ombre de la guerre exhibit reflects on the symbolic power of images by presenting a selection of 90 photographs of some of the most significant wars. The 70-year period reported was limited by taking as a starting point the Spanish Civil War (1936, conflict that inaugurated the modern era of photojournalism) and stopping point the Lebanon (2006). This impressive perspective of history explores the drama, destruction and vision of a hostile world leading into a reflection of the human kind future.

© Alexandra Boulat / Association Pierre & Alexandra Boulat (via “”)

The Jane Evelyn Atwood and “Photographies 1976-2010” consists of a retrospective of thirty-five years of work of the American photographer Jane Evelyn Atwood. About to two hundred photos take you in a journey around six major themes: prostitutes, blind people, women in prison, Jean-Louis/Vivre and his death of AIDS, landmine victims and Haiti. It is a walk through the fate of those whose condition and life dramas throw them into the periphery, away from the eyes of society.

To check some of Jane Evelyn Atwood amazing work check out her official website.

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Xavier Lambours and “XL” is an introduction to the photographer Xavier Lambours; best known for his portraits. Co-founder of the agency Métis and contributor to the newspapers Hara Kiri and Liberation, Xavier Lambours has often been associated with film events as the Cannes Film Festival in which he has always captured the unusual moments. The mixture of genres is his trademark combined with humor, irony and impertinence.

© Xavier Lambours / Signatures (via

The Génération de l’air focus on the bi-monthly magazine that appeared on April of the year 2000 on the newsstands in Paris. This magazine of photojournalism celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and has published numerous stories in words and images, always in search of unique authors. The present exhibition reflects a generation of photographers who emerged in the pages of the magazine.

Xavier Fourtou and “Portrait brésilien” presents a series of photos by Xavier in São Paulo. In this largest city in Brazil, he became interested in graffiti. The portraits presented are arranged in diptychs or in mosaic. These compositions reveal the particular energy of Brazilians.

© Xavier Fourtou. First photo via and second

The present information on the exhibits in this article was adapted from the official MEP website. Photos were sourced from, and

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