Plaster to Label Film


I think we all had times when we’ve forgotten the film we put in our cameras. I would like to offer a simple and interesting way by which you cannot forget the film you are using in the camera.

To do this, I bought a sticking plaster in a drugstore for 30 rubles (1 euro). With this stuff, you can kill two birds with one stone: Your film will always be marked and your camera (which is already has film) will be marked.

Here are the steps:

1. Tear a small piece of adhesive plaster

2. Affix it to a canister of film and label your film (now you can tell what film you have in your canister without opening it)

3. If you decide to shoot your film, then unstick this piece of adhesive plaster from the canister and paste it to the back (or at any other convenient place) of the camera. Nothing is easier!


4. Once you have finished the entire film, you can stick this piece of adhesive plaster on the bench for example.

Here are some examples:

Enjoy and good luck to all!

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  1. lovebuck
    lovebuck ·

    I should be doing this....ive forgotten whats in my camera right now!

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