Parc Monceau: A Magical Parisian Escape

The Parc Monceau is located in one of the prettiest (and most expensive) parts of Paris. A quiet, wide park, surrounded by classy and sophisticated Parisian buildings – the perfect place to serve as an urban escape and get the feeling of Parisian chic! It’s really magical, come and try!

We all know that feeling – too many people, too many attractive things around, too loud, too fast, too exciting! In a city like Paris, you easily get to this point. You are in desperate need of a quick escape, of a quiet place to relax and get some nature experience. Still – you are in the city of love, you don’t want to lose this gorgeous consciousness of being a Parisian for one day! There’s hope: just go to a spot which combines both nature, silence, and exciting, classy Paris! But where to find all these?

The answer is most probably: take Metro line 2 and get out at “Monceau”. Right on the opposite side of the avenue, there is a big and pompous gate inviting you to enter the magical world behind. Still impressed by those huge imperial buildings around, you go inside the park. You breathe. You relax. At least, you try. Because most probably, there will still be a lot of noise coming from families having a picnic on the green grass. Children playing ball. Old couples being grumpy at each other.

You may enjoy this scene, joining all these people who are doing exactly the same thing as you: escaping from the city without leaving it. You may also go a little further, to the backside of the park. You cross a meadow, following paths surrounded by big old trees and statues of brave French people. And then, it gets quiet. You just walk along, maybe alone, maybe holding the hand of your beloved or a dog leash. But in every case, you’re holding a camera in your hand! And you enjoy shooting around, trees, grass, flowers, playing children (from a distance)…and those buildings! Maybe you will spot a member of the REALLY rich Parisians behind one of the big wooden windows. You get the impression of being observed by these houses. And you dream of all the money you will never have, which might buy you an infinite view on this park…and while dreaming, you start to imagine you were actually living in one of those apartments. This would be your garden! See – you escaped and are yet even more involved in Paris’ sophisticated “grand charme”…

And while you shoot and dream, shoot and smile, shoot and watch, you are already surrounded by the meadow and now at the playground. Welcome back! Now you can slowly get used to the people around, the noise, and then you already start to hear cars and buses on the street…and this is it. One hour or even two – passed, you feel good. And now you can go back to show Paris what it’s all about!

I had that lovely experience in spring, but I’m sure it is also wonderful in autumn! And imagine those statues with a little snow hat…

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