Kodak Portra 400NC: A Great Color Negative Film


As a pure slide film addict, I was hesitant to buy and use ‘normal’ color negative film, that being said I was happily surprised at the results I got from this film, the Kodak Portra 400NC!

As I mentioned I am a little bit of a slide film snob. However, I found a box of both Kodak Portra 400 NC and VC expired in a box of films at one of my favorite camera stores, and I thought, why not give it a try? I find that expired 120 film is hard to come by and looking for 120 slide expired is just dreaming, although I got myself 12 rolls at the same shop the other day. I generally take the approach of if it is expired and 120 I’ll take it. So this is how I came to own this film.

I am an amateur when it comes to this film (these photos being my first roll of it) or any 120 film for that matter, for some reason I have to get the manual out every time I need to load a 120 camera, but after getting it right I was ready to go with out with my Lubitel and take some shots.

It took me almost 6 weeks to finish this roll as I was a bit precious about it, the pressure is on when you have only 12 shots from one roll. Having an 400 ISO, it is the perfect daylight film, I personally like a shallow depth of field so I try to open the aperture as wide as possible with the fastest shutter speed available. This is a little more challenging with a higher ISO film as most film cameras don’t go over 1/250 for shutter speed.

The film gives great colors especially when it comes to blues around sunset and there is almost no grain which I found surprising as my slide 400 gives me lots of grain, this is one of the pro’s for me as I love a crisp image and this film gives you one.

I am so happy with the quality of the images I got from this film and excited to use the next 4 rolls and try out the VC to see the differences. I would definitely get more if I came by it. So, I learned a lesson to not judge all color negative films as some may surprise you with their results.

The Kodak Portra 400 NC 120 offers everything a professional portrait photographer could ask for. Fine grain, smooth skin tones, natural colors, this film has it all. See the whole range of color negatives in our Shop.

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