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Through pictures, he describes his thoughts; what lies deep inside his creative and technical mind. He uses “analogmonolog” as a platform to express his visual monolog to the world. The world of 35mm film completely changed his mundane life into something extraordinary, using it to convey what he thinks and sees.

Credits: analogmonolog

He’s a friend of mine since I was in high school; his passion for lomography is beyond everything. He spends more time studying an analog camera, especially his lovely, rusty Russian companion, the Lomo LC-A.

The story started back then in 2010. Shahir and Akmal (me), who played a big role in ruining his life, made him fall in love in the world of Lomography. At first, he wondered, “Why do you guys still shoot with film? They look funny. I had one a plastic camera too which I got free with Ribena when I was 8 years old.” We smiled and replied, “Don’t be judgmental, look at the results first, then you’d value it.”

Credits: analogmonolog

Day by day, the seeds of Lomography began to sprout in his heart. One day, he asked both of us what’s the best camera to start Lomography? I suggested him the LC-A or "LC-A+. Unfortunately, his budget was not enough to afford that camera. Shahir advised him to start with a cheap plastic camera instead, the Vivitar Eco 35h.

Just like other newbies, the first roll was really terrible.

Credits: analogmonolog

After that, he almost stopped using analogue. One day, I found out in Facebook that someone wanted to sell the father of all Lomography cameras, Lomo LC-A, and I gladly told him. Without hesitation, he bought it and started to love it. The combination of Lomo Xpro and his LC-A turned random things into something awesome.

Credits: analogmonolog

After about a year in Lomography, he learned a lot. He realized that all the mistakes and failures that he made was not because of the camera, but due to the lack of knowledge in analogue photography. Now, along with his faithful Russian SLR, Zenit 122k, he shoots with variety of black and white and colour films. He hopes Lomography Malaysia Community will progress as much as Lomography UK and US, although we’re not as big as them. He believes we can even be bigger. Last but not least, he hopes that he will be with Lomography, till his last breath.

Credits: analogmonolog

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