Analogue Photography in the Fashion Scene: Clothes Campaign in Argentina Using the Lomo look


Men’s clothing brand Bensimon has used the lomo-look in this year’s spring/summer campaign.

Image from Bensimon

In Argentina, Lomography is something that only a few people are familiar with and, even though the taste for analogue photography is constantly increasing, cross process and the “lomo-look” still remain unknown for most of the people. Nevertheless, men’s clothing brand Bensimon seems to have realized that the lomo phenomenon will soon become a fashion movement here as well and has used it to their own advantage.

Images from Bensimon

2011 campaign appears to be based on the cross-process look. But of course, for the common lomographer’s eye, it becomes clear that the photographs used are in fact digital, with the “cross-process” effect applied with some image editing program.

Here are some examples of actual lomographs by members of the Lomography community that may have served for inspiration for the Bensimon people. To me, the original is always the best, and no digital post-production can top the real essence of the lomo look.

Credits: natalieerachel, peropero, japsix, jennson, myloveletter, jeabzz, freckleface, pepper-b, bravebird, bccbarbosa, t0m7, hodachrome, fafascinado & singleelderly

These photos were taken with different analogue cameras and different types of film. The clothing brand appears to have tried to imitate the green color shift, vignette at the corners and zone focus of the “lomo-look”, that’s really a combination of cross-processed slide film, plastic (or not) lens and an analogue way of life. You think they managed to copy it?

The slide films that – when cross-processed – tend to give the greenish tones Bensimon was inspired by are mainly Fuji Provia, Lomography X-Pro Slide, Fuji Sensia 200, Fuji Velvia 50, Kodak Elitechrome and a few more others, depending on lighting condition, development and… well, chance!

I hope that if campaigns like these are attractive to people, then it ends up drawing more people into lomography, and not into digital photography with lots of digital manipulation.

Campaign photos taken from the Bensimon site.

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  1. revolte
    revolte ·

    Este fin de semana me había percatado de lo mismo cuando vi un cartel de Bensimon, de todas maneras se nota que las fotos no son lomos de pura cepa sino que están post-producidas, es una lástima que la gente y más aún fotógrafos profesionales solo abracen la estética y no el espíritu lomográfico en su totalidad: “The avant-garde is analogue”.

  2. pomps
    pomps ·

    Hola! buenisimo el articulo! me encanto como esta escrito y la informacion! no he visto la campaña aun pero se ve muy bien tu punto de vista, muy buena la seleccion de las fotos que podrian haber inspirado a Bensimon! me parece que lo que mas buscaron es darle una estetica de los 90 y lo logran usando el "lomo-look" como bien mencionas. saludos!

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