RECAP: Spinner 360 @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy!

The Spinner is one of the coolest panoramic cameras out there. This exciting workshop became extra special when the staff member teaching the workshop’s family dropped in for a 360 tutorial!

It was definitely a family outing at our Spinner 360 workshop September 18th! The family showed up along with a group of knowledge hungry Lomographers to try out the coolest panoramic camera in existence. Once we were done showing them all different tricks of the camera, we ventured off to Madison Square Park to try them out.

It was a beautiful day and there was a lot of hustle and bustle in the park. So there was definitely a lot to shoot! They tried techniques such as the tooth breaker, the overhead spin, the back flip, and the rollercoaster! When we were finished, the family decided to finish the day with the Spinner technique, Group Hug! Precious!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC
106 E 23rd Street NYC 10010


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