My Childhood in Analogue


I recently looked curiously at all the old analogue photographs of yore that I could find. I got so happy when I saw the young and little “me” and all the captured memories of my life. Mercifully, my parents took all those photos.

It all began in 1989, a time where my dad had more hair, my mom had a perm and both of them sometimes wore funny clothes. I was so small and unbelievably cute!

The most pictures of me were taken at amusement parks, at playgrounds, at animal parks or just playing at home. This time was really wonderful. I wish I could be back in that time. Now, when I have see them, I feel like going to a theme park again!

The photos also document many things I did: helping my grandparents in the garden, starting my music career (which I gave up after trying to play guitar just once), doing my hair and my make-up (my skills have improved a lot by now!) and of course taking photos myself.

Yes, and even the bad times were documented, like when I hit rock bottom and I had to go to jail.

Then, in 1993, I got a little brother. Oh dear! I had absolutely forgotten that he was such a cutie when he was younger! Now he is just an annoying younger brother. I think all of you who have a brother know what I mean.

I am thankful for the wonderful childhood we had. Luckily my dad took many pictures of us when we were young.

I will definitely take a lot of pictures of my prospective children as well, both analogue and digital. Thereby, my kids and I can look at them later and wallow in memories. I hope they will be as happy as me while looking at their childhood photographs.

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