Analogic Wellness: Adrianna Glaviano for Essen magazine

Is continuing the cooperation with Essen | A taste Magazine, who gave us analogic photos of delicious dishes from which we will be never satiated. Every month, on time, new photographers churn out new recipes of which do portraits, “et voila” the dish is served. In September, to envoy just a breeze of summer, we enjoy Adrianna Glaviano’s photos, a young Italo-American photographer, who took pictures for us of a journey with a sweet aftertaste.

…If you were a superhero who you would be and with what super power?
ahahahah.. Capitan America? flying would be good.

Where did you grow up and where is your “home” now?
I grew up in Manhattan and Brooklyn, it’s still home, but I live in Milan for now.

“Digital or Analogue” it’s like “brain or heart”. What do you think?
I prefer analogue, but both things have their good parts. I guess it’s really a matter of opinion.

What did you think when ESSEN asks you to shoot with a Lomography camera?
I thought it would be an interesting experiment, especially because I love to cook and love food and had never tried food photography before.

Why did you choose a LOMO LC-A? It has been a flirt or a love story?
A flirt I guess, I chose it because it has the instant back which I thought would be a fun thing to try!

What’s your favorite pic of the shooting and why?
The photo of Cokito picking figs in the south of spain, we had to walk 30 minutes to get to a very beautiful beach and on the way there were tons of fig trees there ready to pick.

How long have you shooted in analogue and why have you been passioned about Lomography?
I’ve shot on and off in analogue since I was small, but I started regularly shooting analogue 3 years ago.

Choose a rule to add to the Lomography’s 10 Golden Rules.
Just have fun!

You can take notes on all the recipes that Adrianna has experienced going to Essen | A Taste Magazine and quietly enjoy all the photos here and qui

See her site going on to

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