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What else can you do with a Rubik’s cube? Urban artist ‘Invader’ makes awesome pixel artwork using Rubik’s cubes arranged properly to form mosaics. Read more after the break.

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Invader is a French urban artist who started a project called “Invasion” where he installs mosaics of characters from and inspired by the 1978 classic game Space Invaders. These are made up of arranged colored square tiles. He started installing these mosaics in Paris back in 1998 and soon “invaded” several other cities in France, moving towards to other European cities such as London, Manchester, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, and Amsterdam to name a few, and then went on to invade cities in other countries all over the world. The locations of these mosaics are documented with books and maps which are available on his website.

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His other project is called “RubikCubism” which is much more complicated than the Invaders. You gotta have a lot of patience and good Rubik’s cube skills to arrange each panel in the right place. The result is a rad low-res, pixelated mosaic. You might wanna lean back to make some of the images out.

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Invader has had solo exhibitions at art galleries in Paris, Osaka, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York City, and London; also took part in various shows and had his art featured in a number of galleries, museums, as well as other media.

For more of Invader’s work, you may check his website.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    impressing creative work!

  2. gborin
    gborin ·

    Actually, it's not that hard as you have to only assemble one side of the rubik cube. However it's a great work!

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