LomoPets: Morrigan and Manhattan


My two cats are like “yin” and “yang”, in their colors, personalities, and even their lifestyles before we adopted them. Just like me, they’re dual: white and black, black and white… They’re special.

The first to come was Morrigan, at that time I was unemployed and we had decided to adopt an abandoned animal to help them and to keep us company in situations like this. We looked at the vet next door and we found the phone number of a lady that rescued cats from the street and gave them to whoever assured they would give them a good life, so without a second thought, on a very hot July afternoon… and despite my supposed allergy to cats, we headed there.

In a huge house of the Florida walk, was Morrigan, waiting for us.

A small abandoned black cat, with quite bad looks and an expression of fear that hurt terribly to look at, Francisca put her on my chest and Morrigan grabbed on to me as if I was her last hope. Since then she has never separated from me.

Morrigan is independent, insecure, calm, sometimes affectionate, some other times bossy, fun, and proud; she has turned into a little black beauty that loves Lomography.

And almost a year ago, in the same way came Manhattan, the “terror.” A while ago, we had decided that even if Morrigan was happy, she would be even happier if she had company. We could also feel better every time we went on our escapades, because she was never going to be alone. We got back in touch with Francisca again, for a cat to give a better life to. On a freezing afternoon at the beginning of December last year, Manhattan came to us:

She is the opposite of Morrigan: restless, curious, nervous, affectionate, a pest, playful, fun, adventurous; and a little earthquake that manipulates us all at will.

Morrigan, when her little “sister” came, didn’t take it very well, it costed us a few days, a few sleepless nights and a few snorts and scratches. But now, they are inseparable. They play together, they fight together, sometimes even sleep together. Those are the little moments when I, camera in hand, seize, I love taking pictures of my two contrasting cats, doing anything. They are my very own Claudia and Naomi.

Being so opposite in their personalities, it’s terribly fun to look at them interact and those are the moments I like shooting the most.

Although of course, I also like taking pictures of them with my other great passion: kaijufish!

….don’t tell him, but I believe he is also a cat, but he hasn’t noticed yet!

written by serialgirl on 2011-09-19 #cat #lifestyle #white #black #cats #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #yang #requested #yin #yin-and-yang
translated by etxenike

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  1. lilo
    lilo ·

    Love the contrast between the two.. Awesome photos!

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