LomoRadio: Be a Lomography Gallery Store Deejay!

We have recently assigned different tasks.
You have been for us reporters, photographers, translators, filmmakers… we asked you to wear a different dress every time and be armed with your passion, your desire to do so you are always out on track and have always done a great job… but this time what will happen?? What we have been plotting behind your back?

Imagine a place, nice people, fun, a console, plates, a scratch, headphones… You understand right? This time the situation will be the DJs! Well, obviously resized a little ’things, do not ask you to resign and become the new Bob Sinclair turning to the local more …

Try to think only to a playlist of at least 10 songs, the ones that represent you, the ones that you like, well, your songs.
Well, once grouped the files and choose your Lomographic cover upload them to “wetransfer” https://www.wetransfer.com/ or create a playlist on YouTube and send links to milan@lomography.com

In turn become our DJs here at the Lomography Gallery Store in Milan will go into your playlist loop and shared on our social network…
So if you’re in Milan, of course you can come and feel to the store!

What are you waiting for?
Start by sifting through records and CDs, dusted off the old tapes, and sauced with I-pod, in short, get ready to make you feel!

Our playlist on youtube for you


written by alessiab on 2011-09-16 #news #lomo-radio-lomography-gallery-store-milan-deejay
translated by tyron_lannister

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