Out to Sea: Appreciating the Symphony of Sky and Sea at the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

To most of the people in Hong Kong and also tourists, Causeway Bay is just a popular shopping district, with a lot of shopping malls, department stores, and restaurants. But in this busy district, there is a place where you can quietly enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and sky, and appreciate the beauty of our city.

On that day, I was just going to Victoria Park at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, to see the Lantern Carnival. But as it is still early, I strolled in the park. I came up to a bridge that lead to the seafront, the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter.

Sometimes, it really requires some luck to have a good view. That day, luck was with me as with perfect sky, timing, and place. When I arrived at the seafront, the sun was setting. The sky was golden in color while the sea was glistening with the reflected sunlight.

The sky is not that blue but a tint of grey, and there were quite some clouds. But the layers of clouds added some depth to the view.

The typhoon shelter is just at the foot of the bridge. The first thing you get in your view will be a numerous amount of yachts.

You can see at the seafront, the view of Central and Wan Chai in the distance. The sun was setting right beside IFC, and the lights cast a splendid golden color on the sea.

If you walk towards your right, a long waterfront promenade is in view. Right beside it, there are a lot of small boats and sampans.

Regarding to the details of the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, gateau has also introduced it to us in Magic Hour of Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter . You can see more pictures of it there.

Next time you go to Causeway Bay, besides shopping and dining, why not have a walk by the seafront? The amazing view of the sky and sea, is just like appreciating a beautiful symphony, that can refresh us.

How to get there:
When you arrive at Causeway Bay, you can pass through the Tung Lo Wan Garden at Cleveland Street, or turn left through Victoria Park at Gloucester Road. You will then reach the Typhoon Shelter by crossing a bridge.

For more details, you can refer to Wikipedia: Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter.

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