Lasting Impressions!


Having already made multiple prints from my negatives at school with the enlarger, I decided that I wanted to add some sugar and spice to my photos with some cool designs! This idea also works with cyano type paper and other light sensitive papers.

I already knew of this concept from using cyano type paper, which is light sensitive, but less so than photo paper.

I used:
A negative enlarger
Light sensitive photo paper
Transparency sheet, or sheet protector works too
Permanent marker

(Keep in mind that this also works with cyano type paper, which you wouldn’t need a negative enlarger for.)

I decided that I wanted to include ‘Bob’ in some of my photos, so I printed a photo of him from the internet, traced him onto a piece of transparency with a permanent marker, and cut him out!

Then, I took all of my things into the dark room, (no pictures taken in there obviously) and I chose the picture I wanted to enlarge, laid the transparency of Bob/leaves onto the photo paper and turned the light on for 6 seconds (set at f11), and then I developed the photo paper in the necessary chemicals.

And voila!

Check out my other album that I used with cyano type paper!

written by natalieerachel on 2011-09-17 #gear #tutorials #tipster #decoration #enlarger #impression-printing #light-sensitive-paper #top-tipster-techniques

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