Recap: Take the Beaten Path Photowalk

A sizable crew of Lomographers stroll around one of San Francisco’s storied neighborhoods. With camera in hand we explored, made new friends and shot lots of pictures!

Familiar and plenty of new faces joined us on a brisk and pleasant jaunt through North Beach. As many of you may already know, North Beach rose to prominence for being the very creative and progressive center of The Beat Generation. That same energy still emanates to this day in the form of numerous bars, cafes, boutiques, restaurants, with city landmarks such as City Lights Bookstore and Vesuvios’s serving as constant reminders of the timelessness of North Beach.

And did we already mention this was our biggest turnout for a photowalk ever?

Our walk started at Vesuvio’s and we were a little shocked by the crowd that descended upon us. Thankfully they were all friendly and wonderful people eager to get going with the Lomographic adventure.

Once everyone had their film loaded and got situated with their cameras, we were ready to go! We couldn’t pick a better day to meetup because it was the Moon Festival was going on. The Moon Festival is a popular lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people. The streets were filled with people and the sounds of traditional Chinese silk, bamboo and wood based instruments soundtracked our journey.

When we embarked our only goal was to some how end up at Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe. We cut through various streets, alleys and along the way gathered some eccentric tour guides in the form of an energetic local and his loyal dog.

We peaked into numerous boutiques and fought the urge to buy a drink at the many bars that dot the area of North Beach.

Once we got to Mario’s we had a chance to chat with old pals and introduce ourselves once again to the new ones. Finally, everyone agreed it was about time to sit down and enjoy a cool beverage.

Thanks everyone for coming out and making it the biggest photowalk we’ve had. How about we try to break this milestone some time real soon?


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