Dunes of Liencres Natural Park


Visit the Dunes of Liencres Natural Park to surf a bit and enjoy the surroundings.

In Cantabria, just 15kms east of Santander in Piélagos, you’ll find incredible natural surroundings where you can enjoy the Bay of Biscay with good waves or a privileged environment.

After spending a few days doing SUP (Stand Up Paddle) along the Mogro estuary (the mouth of the Pas River) at the end of the Liencres Dune, we decided to make a visit to the spectacular rocky beach we saw in the distance. Upon your arrival, there may be difficulty with the car, due to the large influx of people, it’s worth having patience, so wait, park, and go down to the beach.

You can choose to sunbathe on the sand surrounded by rocks that rise out of the beach as if giants tried or choose to walk past through to the protected pine that grow behind the dunes.

Credits: pingus

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  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    still remember the old days when this beach was only known by locals and you could get lost completely in the dunes and the forest. It was really a wild beach. The was no lifeguards even with 3mt waves falling down over your head.

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