Old School Photo Booths Become New School


Photo booths may have been an old school way of keeping memories whilst being out and about without a camera on hand, but these days, they are being brought back in a pop up fashion at events, birthdays and clubs.

I went to a birthday party recently at a club and found upon entrance that there was a photo booth set up for the occasion. Curious, I went to ask what it was about. The birthday girl ran up to me, made me grab some props and told me to put on my party face and into the booth we went. Four photos and poses later, we excitedly placed our props down and waited for our strip to come out the machine.

It was so addictive and everyone had a photo with everyone by the end of it. This was the first of many events
I went to that had a booth, some of them printed a label on the photo strip for you to remember the event others had a logo on each photo within the strip.

I found it so interesting to watch people transform as they entered the booth, a shy reserved individual transforms into a giggling, posing, outlandish person. The booth becomes the perfect tool to bring people out of there shells and give them great memories to keep.

So photo booths are not only an old school thing of the past; they have been re-invented to bring some analogue love into everyday events and bring a little bit of photography back into peoples live who have forgotten the joy of holding an actual picture in their hands.

Photo booths scream, let’s have some fun and get our picture taken — so do exactly that!

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  1. magali
    magali ·

    Agreed. They are fun! Never been in an actual photo booth though, unless you count the one that took emergency passport photos @ Bangkok airport!

  2. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    fun photos!

  3. altijd
    altijd ·

    One of the best things are Japanese purikura booths - they're exactly like photo booths, but with more options for photo frames, layouts, sizes, and they're printed as stickers too so you can put your shots anywhere! (Plus they make anyone look good in a photo :D) They're very worth a try if you can find one and haven't before.

  4. feelux
    feelux ·

    looks fun!

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