Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 28: Cross-Process Sheila and Her Lomographic Friends

Origins: Seibungyo // cross-processing

Sheila is a proud hippie. Having once swam in a pool together with Keith Richards, Jefferson Airplane and the Mamas & Papas – she’s always day-dreaming back to her lovely days in 1960’s California. Thanks to those days, her vision isn’t quite right anymore, and she’s often telling the same story over and over again:

“Peace sisters and brothers! Let me tell you, the only thing that’s better nowadays is the hairdos. Back then, in the pool of love, I could hardly find my way out of the curls and fro’s. So I swam and swam all day, until I found my way into the pocket of Keith Richards himself. I was quite hungry, so I gobbled up some kind of pill that was sitting next to his keys. Well, all of a sudden, my whole vision changed! Colors danced, pink elephants went on the march, and the walls just wouldn’t stop freaking melting! I felt love and peace for everyone and all things (even pitbulls!) Ever since, I’ve remained in the same completely awesome state of mind. Peace, Love and Happiness to everyone!”

The Lomographic Surprise
You can achieve this state of mind too!
Take your Fisheye camera and feel love growing. Toss in a slide film, shoot the whole roll, and cross-process the candy. This means: go to the friendly lab technician of your choice and ask him nicely to “cross-process” your slide film – meaning that he should develop it into C-41 chemicals instead of E-6 chemicals. As your film is now put into the wrong chemicals, the colors become displaced and yield supernatural results. The exact effects vary depending on the film type and exposure that you use, but the results are usually extreme saturations, flipped and screwed colors and psychotic contrast. It’s maximum pleasure for your eyes!

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