LomoAmigo Sofi of sexytypewriter Spills the Beans with the Lomo LC-A+

Meet Sofi, creator of the smart and funny blog Sexy Typewriter (www.sexytypewriter) where she candidly speaks about finding a partner in the modern age of online dating sites, speed dating and everything in between.

Name: Sofi
Blog: Sexy Typewriter
Location: Toronto

Why did you start writing about your dating experiences and create sexytypewriter and did it surprise you that so many people would be interested?

I used to send mass emails to my friends about awful dates I went on or boys that broke my heart (in a hilarious kaleidoscope of ways). So I guess that’s when I started writing about my dating experiences. As for the blog, I initially began it as a blog about my life failures. I was 30, single, unemployed, would probably never own a home, was severely allergic to cats, et cetera. But it quickly became about dating fail specifically, and that seemed to strike a chord with people. The blog gets anywhere from 600 – 1600 visitors per day (usually averaging around 1100), which continues to blow my mind. Who are you people? What do you want with my life?

You have described yourself as, “the absolute unluckiest girl when it comes to love”, what keeps you motivated to keep looking?

I think he’s probably out there. I just haven’t earned him yet, baby

Can you sum up the Toronto dating scene for us? Is the city full of great women in a sea of jerks or do you think the guys have it just as hard?

There are a lot of very date-able people in Toronto of both genders. There are also a lot of jerks and losers and crazies. But in order to separate the wheat from the chaff, one must go on a lot of dates. I think Toronto’s main problem – and I’ve complained about this for years – is that people don’t tend to talk to people. There are zillions of Missed Connections because Torontonians are too terrified to say “Hey, what’s your name?”

What has been the worst dating experience you have had so far and what has been the funniest?

Honestly, it’s all sort of a blur. I’ve been on 40 or 50 dates this year. It feels like a part-time job. I would encourage people to check out the blog to find the funny and the horrible and the horribly funny.

Would you recommend trying online dating to people who have not taken the plunge yet? What are the pros and cons you have discovered?

Definitely give it a shot. It’s the easiest way to line up a date for the weekend, but it’s always a gamble, because you never know how you’ll get along with this person who is just words and photos on a computer screen. Chemistry and connection are such weirdly elusive things.

What qualities do your ideal man and the Lomo LC-A+ share?

Sturdy. Sexy. Fun. Fits in my purse.

What was it like shooting with analogue again (or for the first time) and have you ever taken the Lomo LC-A+ on a date?

I never took the camera on a date, because that would be creepy. I love all things analogue, so the Lomo was my pal. I loved not knowing what the photo was going to look like immediately. Digital has taken away that anticipation and mystery (which are also two things that are important when it comes to dating).

What are the best words of advice you have for other people out there looking for love?

If you’re a girl, stick with it. If you’re patient and kind and yourself, it’ll come. If you’re a guy…call me.

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