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In line with our Russian-themed articles for this week, the cyber wanderer in me stumbled upon some interesting reads with regard to the famous Russian van. Totally old school but functional, it definitely gives you a more nostalgic feel of your adopted countries/cities especially if it’s a place like Mongolia.

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Megan of On My Way RTW shared her experience about taking a Russian van to explore the countryside of Mongolia for 18-20 days. It’s definitely one location that I’ve yet to visit (and see more of in our Locations section) but seriously, how cool is that? Cost per day, $37 and in exchange, she and her two traveling buddies (a couple she met online) got “ger accommodations” (that’s nomadic tents for ’ya), 3 meals a day, a driver, and a tour assistant that doubles (triples and quadruples according to Megan) as cook, translator, and good friend.

Now what about her Russian van experience? Well that’s actually the most amusing part of her story – for all you travel junkies out there, get a load of this:

“When we’d been told that we’d be traveling in a Russian van, I pictured a Toyota Hiace or similar. Oh how wrong I was.

Looking at the van parked outside the guesthouse, I couldn’t imagine how it could possibly be roadworthy. And when we looked inside to discover one row of seats faced the opposite direction to that of travel, I was dismayed. We asked if the seats could be turned round. They couldn’t.

So we sucked it up, threw our packs in the back and our bulging food bags under the seat, jumped in and went to buckle up. No seatbelts, of course. So we looked for handles to hang on to. There were none of those, either. But the roof and walls were padded. Sort of like a coffin."

- from On My Way RTW

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Amusing, scary, interesting? Well it certainly piqued your attention didn’t it? Life’s one big adventure and it’s up to you what you make of it. Whether it’s exploring exotic locations in a Russian Mini Van or taking photos with a Russian classic like the LC-A, well, how can you not love these Russian treasures?

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Dasvidania everyone! And have a happy weekend! Explore, enjoy, and Lomo-On!

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