A Film Soup


This psychedelic effect came from a unique concoction that is within reach at your mum’s hearty kitchen!

Every now and then your beloved film roll might want to taste that soup of yours, let it!

  • Throw some film into a bubbling pot of your preferred soup (or water – if you are dieting) and leave to simmer.
  • Boil your film to suit your taste… If you prefer your pics al dente (i.e with not too much melted, globby colour distortion) then just a minute or two will do! If you boil for too long there won’t be much left to see!

Tips: “The outer part of the film is affected more by the temperature, as the heat spreads to the rest of it from here. The longer you boil, the more film will be affected. Boiling for too long will destroy everything on the film.
The soup adds the ‘unknown’ aspect because it is possible that the ingredients can have an affect on the film. Try milk, oil, tomatoes”.

written by mandi on 2009-04-01 #gear #tutorials #film #analogue #labrats #tipster


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Lovely & Tasty !

  2. anabananaangel
    anabananaangel ·


  3. metzgor
    metzgor ·

    great tipster, can't wait to try it :-D

  4. sidblack
    sidblack ·

    How long did you boil yours for?

  5. recurrent-dreams
    recurrent-dreams ·

    Is it best to boil before or after the roll has been used?

  6. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Ahh yes! I'm going to try this!

  7. litumai
    litumai ·

    awesome cooking! i tried it with boiling water and this is what came out! thanks!
    i didnt get the psycodelic colors though, next time more acidic cooking!

  8. pasadena85
    pasadena85 ·

    how do you dry the film after cooking ?

  9. neja
    neja ·

    what's the best way to dry it (I don't have a dark room or special canisters)? thanks

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