Out to Sea: Beauties of the Kos Island


Just a few days ago, I returned from the most relaxing and sunniest holiday I’ve ever had. It was the Greek island called Kos, which is now close to my heart.

I have heard about Kos as a holiday destination loved especially by middle-aged couples. Well, it’s the truth, since the whole week of my stay, I have met just few people my age, but I may confirm that this island is also a paradise for “sun-catchers” and analogue photography lovers.

It really has everything you wish to find during your summer holiday as a photography-addict. Almost never-ending sun (of course it does not shine during the night), white sand, blue sea, shipwrecks, relaxing long beaches, and all the different places waiting to be discovered.

However, I was a bit confused by my first impression of the island. Kos has a very warm and dry climate and after my plane landed on its small airport I thought: “What a desert!” Well to be honest, there are just a few trees and bushes if I may call them so. On the other hand, beaches allowed me to see the island from a different perspective.

Me and my friend were living by the sea, in a small cosy hotel in Marmari and sometimes we were making trips in the surrounding villages or even to the capital “city” of Kos. I really mean “sometimes” because in such hot weather it was very difficult to travel somewhere without getting sunburnt or getting sunstroke, moreover, we had everything we needed right there on the beach between Marmari and Tigaki. It is a beach where one of this island’s shipwrecks is and also where you can thoroughly enjoy the music of the sea and seagulls.

Blue sea and white sand in combination with the sunny sky provided a perfect source of relaxation in form of sunbathing and taking photos. After a day spent on the beach, we had wonderful Greek food and wine so I finally know how Greek gods and goddesses might have felt.

written by erikagrendel on 2011-09-25 #places #sea #summer #sun #seagull #sand #greece #location #beach #shipwreck #escape-from-the-city #kos


  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Wow, beautiful pictures! I had such a different experience there, didn't felt that beautiful and it was full of wild young people...!

  2. erikagrendel
    erikagrendel ·

    thank you:) I'm really surprised that you said you had met there wild young people...:) It was such a calm place...but probably it depends on the resort, we spent our time in Marmari...

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