Escape with the First Rays of Sun


With the first rays of spring sun, we seek for a place to relax and have a good day out of the routine in the city and we found the perfect place! Very close, without taking airplanes: Liencres, Santander in Spain.

It turns out that even the sun accompanied us and took advantage of a day at the little beach or on the shore, which is better said because the good weather of spring meant that we only needed to roll up our pants and shirt sleeves.

After spending a day in Potes, Galicia, we followed the coast to a stop at Liencres, Santander.

Credits: mihiry

The truth is that we were quite surprised because we had never been in the area, and I can say it is beautiful. The sea waves look great though, that’s the charm of impromptu escapes out of season (the best), which we almost never got to see, we just huddled on the shore in the summer.

Credits: mihiry

And of course, for my part, I went with more enthusiasm and the photos have more charm than those of my friends of course. My photos are taken with the Diana with the 35mm back to allow for sprockets. What gave me even more excitement was that I used Lomography X-pro film for the first time, had not tried it yet because I’m new to Lomography and part of the new generation. I can’t complain of the results, I really like it.

Credits: mihiry

I hope that if you pass through the area of ​​Piélagos by Santander, you’ll look a little further on the map and pass through Liencres because the whole area is really worth it.

Greetings Lomographers! ;)

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written by mihiry on 2011-09-23 #places #sun #spain #location #beach #xpro #x-pro #diana #santander #liencres #escape-from-the-city
translated by lislisdotnet


  1. mihiry
    mihiry ·

    Thanks for translation!!

  2. lislisdotnet
    lislisdotnet ·

    Of course! Loved the photos and location too much to not want to share it. :)

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